The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™

"Empower Her, Empower Humanity"

Welcome to The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™, a beacon of support and inspiration for organizations that empower girls and women. Our mission is to enhance your incredible work, offering resources, curriculums, and programs tailored to uplift your clients and enrich your community. This comprehensive initiative provides vital resources for client services and prioritizes the well-being and development of organizational teams and staff. Dive into a world where empowerment and education merge to create a stronger, more resilient society.

Our Mission:

The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™ is committed to supporting organizations that work tirelessly with girls and women. We understand the challenges you face and the dedication you bring to your mission. We aim to provide the tools and training needed to enhance your impact, ensuring that every girl and woman you reach can unlock her full potential. Our dual commitment is to provide organizations with essential programs and resources for women and girls while strengthening the teams behind these organizations to prevent overwhelm and fatigue. This two-prong approach ensures both the recipients and providers flourish, creating a more resilient and impactful community.

Our Vision:

To build a world where every girl and woman is empowered to realize her dreams, overcome obstacles, and contribute to a more equitable society. Through collaboration, innovation, and shared passion, we aim to amplify the impact of organizations that serve as pillars of strength and transformation within their communities.

Key Messages:

  • Empowerment Through Education: Highlighting the variety of programs and curriculums tailored to the needs of women and girls.
  • Strength in Support: Focusing on the training and resources provided to organizations to help them serve more effectively and sustainably.
  • Resilience Against Burnout: Emphasizing the importance of supporting the mental and emotional health of staff and leaders in these organizations.
  • Community Transformation: Showcasing stories of how empowered women and girls can positively impact their communities.

We aim to highlight the invaluable work The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™ does and to engage and inspire potential partners to collaborate and join in this noble cause. The "Empower Her, Empower Humanity" campaign seeks to create a ripple effect of empowerment, education, and support. By nurturing those who serve and those who are served, The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™ goal is to build a more resilient, educated, and empowered society for girls and women globally.

What We Offer

"Supporting and Nurturing Those Who Serve and Those Who Are Served"


Discover our range of curriculums designed to inspire confidence, resilience, and leadership. Our library is constantly updated with the latest insights and strategies in female empowerment and enrichment. From self-esteem workshops to leadership training and personal growth, our programs are crafted to address the unique challenges, needs, and opportunities for girls and women.


At The Beautiful Awakened Daughters Project™, we go beyond programs and curriculums. We offer personalized support services designed to strengthen your team's capacity and well-being. From leadership coaching to emotional wellness strategies, we're here to empower those who empower others.

A Few of Our Programs 

Fatherless Daughters Program

Our Fatherless Daughters Journey to Being Process™ Curriculum is a comprehensive program for females who grew up with an unattached, unavailable, or absent father. This program uses a result-driven process to help women and girls heal old wounds and begin to flourish beyond fatherlessness. Learn how your organization can partner with us to rewrite the tragic story of female fatherlessness, one woman/girl at a time. 

Grace Etiquette Clubs

Etiquette, often associated with formal social behavior, goes beyond simple manners and politeness. It plays a vital role in character building and behavior modification, especially in the formative years of children and teenagers. By instilling the principles of etiquette, we provide them with a foundation of respect, empathy, and self-discipline, shaping their character and guiding their behavior in various social settings. Our programs are designed to teach young people and adults personal development, etiquette, manners, and basic civility. Our five programs serve as protective factors from at-risk behavior, ensure positive character building, and offer measurable results.

FAME Woman Institute

The FAME Woman Institute exists to support Visionary Women Leaders on a much-needed journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and embracing their authentic femininity. This program aims to help you cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness, inner strength, and a mature and evolved way of living. This life-changing experience is for the Visionary Woman Leader who is ready to do deep, rich, emotional, and meaningful inner work so she can begin to live the life she imagined was possible, not just for those she leads but for herself as well.

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