Why Etiquette and Why Now?

Etiquette, often associated with formal social behavior, goes beyond simple manners and politeness. It plays a vital role in character building and behavior modification, especially in the formative years of children and teenagers. By instilling the principles of etiquette, we provide them with a foundation of respect, empathy, and self-discipline, shaping their character and guiding their behavior in various social settings. Therefore, etiquette should be considered an essential tool for character development and behavior modification in children and teens.

Our Etiquette classes also provide invaluable lessons that help kids and teens develop essential social skills, confidence, cultural awareness, and a sense of respect. By attending these classes, young individuals gain a competitive edge in both personal and professional settings. The risks of not taking etiquette classes include impaired social skills, a poor professional image, a lack of confidence, cultural insensitivity, and uninformed online behavior. Investing in etiquette classes can have long-lasting positive impacts on the lives of children and teenagers, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

Who We Are

Grace Etiquette Institute Club authorizes and licenses individuals to own and operate an etiquette club by facilitating and teaching our programs while using our name, logo, and history. Our programs are designed to teach young people and adults personal development, etiquette, and basic civility. These are not just the “run of the mill” programs; they are programs that serve as a protective factor from at-risk behavior, ensure positive character building, and offer measurable results.

Our Programs Offer: 

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers various essential etiquette topics, including dining etiquette, social decorum, communication skills, and professional etiquette. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring your community members become confident and poised individuals.

Engaging Activities: Learning etiquette doesn't have to be dull! Our program incorporates fun and interactive activities, role-plays, and real-life scenarios to make the learning experience enjoyable and practical.

Lasting Impact: We focus on teaching etiquette and instilling lifelong values of respect, empathy, and kindness. Our program empowers individuals to navigate social situations confidently and gracefully, fostering stronger relationships and professional success.

Community Building: By bringing the Grace Etiquette Club Program to your community, you foster a sense of unity and cohesion. Participants will bond over shared learning experiences, building friendships and a stronger community fabric.

Polished Stones Etiquette

Polished Stones Etiquette for Kids is designed to help young people ages 6-12 learn to be polite and use manners appropriately. Unlike most “run of the mill” etiquette lessons that dwell primarily on cutlery and curtsies, Polished Stones stresses social skills and common courtesy. This highly hands-on, interactive program will teach kids the four pillars of a polished image and how to care for their bodies effectively. Fun and exciting, this program will provide age-appropriate lessons designed to serve kids effectively. This experience will transform your boys & girls into extraordinary young ladies and gentlemen! Great programs to offer schools and organizations. 

3 Powerful Programs

A Day of Grace Program will allow high school seniors to develop a lifetime of social and life skills before graduation. This program culminates in a Day of Grace Presentation Ball.  The Mark of a Gentleman opens doors of opportunities for boys 6-13 to learn manners, emphasizing self-confidence and esteem. Polished Stones Business Workshop will give corporate women the essential information to navigate a professional environment.

Manners the King's Kids

Manners for the King’s Children Workshop is designed to help young people become more effective in their walk with God and as His representatives. Founded on biblical principles, participants will learn rules governing socially acceptable behavior while learning basic codes of conduct for The King’s Children. In this workshop, a participant has an opportunity to: 1) Proper conduct for the Royal Family; 2) Learn to speak the King’s language through productive communication skills and effective introductions; 3) Create a royal presence through unforgettable first impressions, visual poise, and appropriate attire; 4) Conduct in the King’s Palace; 5) Learn proper skills for dining at the King’s Table. Great for youth groups, vacation bible schools, and more.

The Need for These Programs is NOW!

This loss of productive learning time is a legitimate concern. According to a report published by the group Public Agenda: “43% of public school teachers spend more time managing social conduct in the classroom than they do teaching academics". It is because of this legitimate concern that Grace Etiquette Institute Club owners are proud to offer The Polished Stones Etiquette Program to help schools reduce the amount of time lost on behavioral management, increase the amount of productive learning time, improve overall school culture, and even extend these changes beyond the school, into the community."

Studies show that students who take etiquette courses before graduation fare better in the job market than other students who do not have the opportunity to brush up on their social skills. Our Day of Grace Program for high school seniors becomes the antidote for these students. 

A recent poll by ABC NEWS/World News Tonight reported that 73 percent of Americans thought manners were worse than 20 or 30 years ago. Several recent studies conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation showed that 85% of our future success depends on social skills. Investing in our etiquette classes can have long-lasting positive impacts on the lives of children and teenagers, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.



What You Will Receive in The Grace Etiquette Club System:

Five Programs: Polished Stones for Kids, Manners for the King's Children, A Day of Grace, The Mark of a Gentleman, and Polished Stones Business Program.

All Programs Include Program Manuals, Instructor Guides, Colorful Participant Lesson Handouts, Scripts, and PowerPoint slides. 

Business in a Box:  Sample Press Releases, Sample Email/Letters to Schools, Organizations, and Corporations to Secure Business, Sample Brochures, Logos, Social Media Marketing Samples, Needs Assessment Forms, Outcome Measures List,  How to Create a Profit Manual, How to Set Up Your Workshops and More. 

24/7 Access to Online Etiquette Certification Training: You will have access to our online training, where you will learn how to present these programs and the essentials for building a profitable etiquette club. 

A Beautiful Certificate: You will receive a beautiful certificate stating that you are a certified etiquette coach and owner of a Grace Etiquette Club.   


What They Are Saying About These Programs:


"This workshop has helped my daughter with her ability to learn how to be a lady and practice etiquette.  In such a short time, I have seen her attitude change to a much more positive one."

"Mae-Ann has enjoyed your workshop so much.  It has reminded her of good health and hygiene. Also, the self-confidence you instill in the girls is wonderful."

"I have gained a lot from my experience in the workshop.  It has helped me to express my feelings better, feel more confident, make new friends, and have fun."    

"This program has set the foundation for the woman she will become. Thanks."

"My daughter seems more enthusiastic about her personal care."

"Polished Stones Etiquette" addresses the issues head-on. Engaging  lessons every week." 


Get Started Today!

As you can see, there's a huge need for you to become a Grace Etiquette Institute Club owner. This package gives you access to these five different programs and a step-by-step process for approaching parents, schools, organizations, and institutions to provide your services. Everything you need is here, including sample emails, letters, brochures, and even telephone scripts to use and secure the business. It really is a business in the box.

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